Expert full‑stack developer

Node.js & React.js WebRTC Docker
PHP & Symfony Python & Django Twisted
PostgreSQL AWS

I will help you with

  • programming

    • Full-stack development
      From real-time frontend to microservices in three languages on backend.
    • Architecture design
      Infrastructure, code planning, distributed database design, you name it.
    • Real-time web technology
      Voice conversations, cooperation, notifications, and more.
    • Security
      On server, backend, frontend, internal tools, and the process used by your developers right now.
  • operations

    • Distributed deployments
    • Continous integration
    • Proactive problem management
    • Incident management
  • scaling

    • Planning a way out of difficult problems
    • Getting project back on schedule
    • Optimizing your process to lower total cost
    • Improving quality of your product

About me

My name is Adam Zielinski
Full-stack developer with 12+ years of experience

In general

  • CTO of Bench (real-time meetings)
  • Lead dev on government software - monitoring millions of taxpayers records
  • Implemented money processing (and more!) for one of recognizable AirBnB’s competitors
  • Designed procedures preventing costly catastrophes
  • I make jewellery in my spare time

In numbers

  • Twelve years of experience
  • Dozens of delivered projects
  • Over a thousand of upvotes on ProductHunt received by my product
  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved by smart planning and challenging requirements
  • Millions of pageviews/month reached by products I worked on

Case studies

I made the product happen and grow. In particular, I have:
  • Designed architecture and made choices about technology.
  • Implemented browser-based visual and voice collaboration on all levels of the stack.
  • Implemented zero-downtime Docker deployment with hot updating for online users, quick turnover time, and proper risk-reducing procedures.
  • Coordinated sprints.
  • Hired developers and conducted technical interviews.
Waste monitoring for government (NDA)
I led the transition from a relatively small system to a large-scale software processing millions of records and handling all aspects of managing waste economy. In particular, I have:
  • Performed architect-level design work.
  • Planned and coordinated tasks.
  • Implemented vital parts such as accounting system to impose, monitor, and enforce waste disposal tax based on more than 50 different factors.
I lowered development and maintenance cost of the product. In particular, I have:
  • Reduced product maintenance cost by a factor of 10
  • Shortened release cycle from weeks to days by discovering and solving bottlenecks in the development process
  • Lowered infrastructure cost 5 times, and at the same time improved loading times for end user
Holiday rental booking (NDA)
I improved booking and paying experience on a large booking website. In particular, I have:
  • Redesigned and implemented complex payments solution (book-reschedule-confirm-cancel) used to process thousands transactions/month
  • Designed extremely fast property search by 50+ criteria with full-text search in 27 languages
  • Led data migration to a distributed database without disrupting business (zero downtime required)


  • ...Adam listened and took time to understand our business needs, then helped us refine the vision. He delivered more than we expected - on time, on budget, and with a high degree of professionalism...
    - Konrad TRETER, London, UK
  • ...We were very lucky to meet Adam. Our product would have never come to existence if he hadn't joined our team as the lead developer. He is extremely versatile and quickly delivers in virtually every area...
    - Mike ANDRE, Christchurch, NZ
  • ...After building countless projects with us, Adam never ceases to amaze. Not only he has exceptional technical skills, but he also understands business and is very proactive - he found a way to dramatically cut costs of maintenance of one of our products...
    - Kenneth GRANGER, Orlando, FL
  • ...As a small startup, we were hiring separate people for backend, frontend, and administration but Adam changed the game and fulfilled all our needs - now we can do more business and less management...
    - Marco SIEBERT, Dusseldorf, DE
  • ...Great expertise, but also huge focus on product security are the best things in working with Adam.
    - Tom MALECKI, Poznan, Poland

How I work

  • Roadmapping session

    A call where we talk about your problem and potential solutions. I will ask you to provide all related materials and may challenge some assumptions. At this point I also want to identify what do you want to optimize for, e.g. shortest delivery time, lowest cost, superior quality, etc.
  • Value proposition

    I analyze your problem and discussed solutions. If there is an alternative, especially more optimal one, I identify it. We may need another call to clarify any ambiguities. You receive a few options with estimated cost and delivery time for each.
  • Formalities

    We sign a contract, NDA if you need one, and establish a foundation of mutual expectations and responsibilities.
  • Execution and delivery

    We iterate and possibly adjust the course as we go. I keep you up to date about progress and any encountered obstacles. You receive final product within predetermined date.

Schedule a meeting

I currently work at Automattic and am unavailable for any contract work. I am open for mentoring and networking in general. schedule@adamziel.com

Talk to you soon!